Why Subtra.

Buy SaaS. Save money. Save time.

The problems

The SaaS buying journey is complex

The SaaS buying journey is complex but it doesn’t have to be

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But it doesn’t have to be

Subtra is a powerful SaaS purchase and optimization platform for fast-growing enterprises, operated by our partner account managers and delivered as a managed service.

We specialize in navigating the intricacies of SaaS procurement, ensuring that your teams get the right software on the right terms, with 100% finance, security and legal compliance. Our experienced team of partner account managers negotiate the best deals and organize timely renewals, 

bringing in guaranteed savings. Our process efficiency cuts down procurement time from months to just a few days. Our platform facilitates easy discovery and efficient management, where team members can request new software and department heads can track their SaaS stacks and usage.

Take control of your SaaS ecosystem.

Experience the difference with Subtra.
Guaranteed Savings

Save up to 20% on your annual SaaS spend when buying SaaS, and thousands of dollars in productivity.


Drive process excellence with your very own centralized procurement and management system.

Real-time Visibility

Single console view for easy discovery, efficient management, multi-tenanted analytics and accurate reporting.

Operational Efficiency

Automate administrative effort with smart workflows across procurement, compliance, security, and finance.


Subtra analyzes your business goals and requirements for cost saving recommendations and usage optimizations.


Seamless collaboration between team members and stakeholders. Click to request, approve and track with ease.

Transform the way you
buy and optimize SaaS.