Top Accounting Software in 2020

The Top accounting software in 2020

Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses

It is of utmost importance for organizations and businesses to track their income and expenses efficiently. When done right, business accounting can help immensely in taxes and save a lot of time and hassle. Accurately tracking expenses comes with many benefits, but modern accounting software will run you for some money. Here are some of the most used accounting software options to choose from.

Intuit’s Quickbooks has gained huge popularity in the world of small business accounting. Quickbooks may not be perfect and it doesn’t come cheap, but it is one of the most featured accounting tools in existence. What started as a Windows focused software, is now a multi platform and multi device accounting software subscription. 

Due to it’s wide use, it is easy to find related content such as tutorials, guides and other information on how it works. While Intuit’s help forum could use a little more work, Quickbooks works extremely well across a wide range of business types and requirements. 

Xero has always been a cloud first platform and found intitial success among Mac users. They were one of the first to include 24/7 live chat support at no additional cost. Xero is also big on integrations, with more than 600 integrations to help companies easily manage their invoicing, inventory, payroll, etc. 

Xero’s standout feature is the ability to track the time and money spent on individual projects, thus taking care of any potential slip-ups or leakages.  

Small businesses with less employees and inventory don’t really have to deal with large complexities which are rampant in larger firms. This is where Zoho accounting comes in. Zoho is a no nonsense accounting tool that works best for small businesses. White Zoho is well known for it’s wide variety of applications, Books is it’s accounting software. 

Books includes easy to understand dashboards with straightforward usability. In other words, you don’t need an accounting tool or have to be tech savvy to understand and use Zoho. Book comes with useful features such as automated reminders when clients don’t pay on time. You can also make the most of its manual journal entries, statements, automated banking along and integrate with Zoho’s project management and collaboration tools. 

Freshbooks offers a quick, simple and secure accounting platform to manage complex as well as day to day business transactions. It features insightful and well organized reports, smart invoicing, multiple online payment options, and a lot more!

Freshbooks is revered as one of the best accounting software in Singapore that delivers precise information on your businesses profits and losses. You can also organize your projects, feedback and files, all in one place and even sort them by schedule. 

MYOB – now known as ABSS Singapore, is an accounting software designed specifically for SME’s. ABSS helps small businesses to manage their finances and operations with a simple and intuitive software. The aim is to leave users feeling confident the moment they use the platform, and save on time spent learning a new software.

ABSS offers a premier option which includes an inventory management system and automated accounting that integrates easily with local banks, IRAS GST portal and with the PEPPOL network. ABSS has complete mult-currency capabilities, department accounting and also supports multiple locations. It is a versatile and trusted option whether you are an SME, accountant, business owner, sales manager or freelancer.

NetSuite is widely adopted and has been the most deployed cloud ERP solution in the world. It’s financial management solution is used by thousands of organizations across various industries to manage their accounting needs. Netsuite ERP offers a modern and scalable solution to run all your financial business processes via cloud infrastructure. 

It includes comprehensive financial management features, including revenue management, billing solutions, inventory, supply chain and warehouse management solutions. Real-time reporting and intelligent suggestions are provided for a single and seamless version of truth when it comes to your company’s financials.

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