Fastest Growing Workplace Apps

The fastest growing workplace apps in 2020

2020’s fastest-growing workplace applications prove that apps usually grow in category waves. A couple of years ago, collaboration tools such as Slack and Zoom regularly topped the list. 

Here are the Top Fastest-Growing Workplace Apps

This year however, data tools have slowly found their holding with Snowflake (a data warehousing provider) boasting its incredible 273% growth year over year. But it’s not just Snowflake that is leading the party; data cruncher Splunk and Google Cloud acquired Looker – a data discovery tool, also make the cut. 

And as far as developer tools go, Atlassian Opsgenie enters the race for the fastest-growing apps as well. Opsgenie is an incident management solution acquired by Atlassian in 2018.

As businesses continue to prioritize their security stacks, the likes of Envoy, Jamf Pro and KnowBe4 still showcase respectable year over year growth rates. KnowBe4 is still showing and 89% growth year over year in 2020.

AWS a.k.a. Amazon Web Services still reigns as the most popular cloud platforms when it comes to the number of customers. That being said, Google Cloud Platform is coming in hot and showing no signs of slowing down with a 108% year-over-year growth. While AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform is still deployed by a third of the total number of customers, about 5% of users choose to integrate more than one IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) provider via Okta. A multi-cloud world might just be on the horizon!

In summary, collaboration tools may no longer hold top spots as the fastest-growing apps. While Zoom still holds strong with it’s remarkable and continued growth in the past four years, 2020 has proved to be a year where new categories are emerging… and they might just zoom past everyone else!

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