We buy SaaS and
manage vendors for you.

Subtra is a powerful SaaS purchase and optimization platform for fast growing enterprises, operated by our partner account managers and delivered as a managed service.

How it works

SaaS and Organization Analysis

We collect all information on your current SaaS stack and identify multiple saving opportunities. We analyze your business goals and organization structure to set up your Subtra account including your entities, teams, suppliers names, annual amounts and renewal dates.

Budget Goals and Requirements

We understand your SaaS requirements to set goals for budgets, upcoming renewals, current contracts and future needs. Our mission is to decrease your annual SaaS budgets, accommodate new purchases in existing spends and set up a more compliant buying process.

Vendor Management and Savings

With your SaaS requisites in place, our partner account managers start managing your vendors, contracts, negotiations and renewals. We get you the best price in the least possible time, as we achieve reduction in unit rates, increase in users and plan tiers and improved payments terms.

Compliance and Closing

We make sure that every purchase made by Subtra goes through a seamless approval process while meeting finance, security, and legal compliance. Our customer and partner account managers handle all the hassles of closing, ensuring swift sign offs on finance budgets, security clearances and legal.

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