Subtra Features

Billing and Subscription Management

We keep getting charged for subscription services we don’t need. How can I stop this?

Get complete control of your subscription spend with Subtra. Purchase, track, manage and delete your subscriptions anytime. Authorize purchases and set limits with admin controls and get a clear view of your subscriptions. Our smart insights will even let you know if you are subscribed to more than what your team requires!

Subscription Management Platform Singapore

Team members do not respond on time to cancel or renew subscriptions and we end up incurring additional charges or lose productivity. What can we do?

Subtra automates your entire subscription management process whether it’s for free, one-off or recurring subscriptions. Invite your employees and assign subscriptions to team members with individual virtual cards. With real time notifications, you are always aware of the status of your subscriptions.

Virtual Corporate Card

My team members often subscribe for services using their own cards and then file for expense claims. How can I stop this tedious process?

Subtra, instantly creates a secure virtual card - powered by the Mastercard network, for each of your subscriptions. We also integrate with accounting platforms like xero, quickbooks etc. so you can say goodbye to reimbursements.

Spend Management Singapore

Is there any way for my finance team to accurately view and project my subscription spend?

Subtra allows you to finally view all the apps and tools you are subscribed to, how much you are paying and going to pay for them, in one single window dashboard. Get real time insights and easily view your transaction history for your subscriptions.