Frequently asked questions

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions.

To view our full list of support documents, check out our support page >>


Here we answer the most frequently asked questions.

To view our full list of support documents, check out our support page >>

Are you a company or a service?

Subtra is a SaaS purchase and optimization software, operated by live buyers and delivered as a managed service. Our platform automates administration, streamlines processes and gives a single console view of your entire SaaS stack. Our partner and customer account managers manage contracts, vendors, purchasing, negotiation and optimization for you.

How do you calculate savings I get from Subtra?

The money you save as a result of using Subtra is usually calculated as per the following:

  1. The total contract value before and after engaging with Subtra.
  2. Savings from real-time SaaS optimizations.
What if I already have a SaaS Management Discipline?

Subtra compliments and works alongside your already established SaaS Management Discipline. 

Our partner account managers have deep relationships with SaaS providers and know how to and when to negotiate deals. We coordinate with those vendors to get you the best price and save you the hassle of managing multiple vendors and contracts.

My finance team is quite good at procuring and are good negotiators. Do I really need Subtra?

Subtra’s partner account managers have worked with SaaS providers over multiple years across multiple deals and know which clauses and terms to use to get the best deals. Your team may be good at negotiation but they will not have economies of scale. We talk to the same SaaS vendors for many of our other customers and have already negotiated the best deals. Subtra also helps build a SaaS Management centre of excellence for future compliance, so as you grow, you continually save on future purchases and usage.

We fill in any missing information by tracking contracts, emails, renewal dates, software owners etc. We start talking with your SaaS vendors early so that you don’t lose pricing leverag during renewals and get more than enough time to meet compliance and make an informed buying decision.

How much does Subtra cost?

We do not charge a percentage of your savings – We charge a flat annual retainer fee based on your total SaaS and digital advertising spend. With a guarantee of saving you more than what we cost, you always get to keep more of your savings!

Who is our point of contact once we sign up?

You will have two points of contact – A Customer Account Manager for onboarding, platform setup, daily communication and strategy meetings. The customer account manager will also be supported by a dedicated Partner Account Manager to manage future purchasing, negotiations, renewals and vendor relationships.

Do you handle legal compliance or do security reviews and/or certifications?

Once on-boarded, the Subtra customer account manager is your single point of contact to handle IT/Security, legal and financial clearances and documentation. This is to ensure that your organization’s entire SaaS Stack is in compliance with the business and industry standards. However, this is not to be considered as legal counsel or confused with any form of security certification.

What do I have to do to get started with Subtra?

Getting started on Subtra is quick and easy. We will work with your finance/treasury department to capture all details of your SaaS stack, your future needs based on growth, scale and any contracts that may be up for renewal. A dedicated customer account manager will guide you through every step of this process.

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