Here we answer the most frequently asked questions. To view our full list of support documents, check out our support page >>

1. How much does Subtra cost?

You can add your first 10 subscriptions for free. We don’t charge you anything until you add your 11th subscription, after which we charge $5 per subscription card per month.

2. What do I need to open a Subtra account?

You need to be authorised to manage payments on behalf of your company. You are required to fill some basic information about yourself and your business.

3. How do I add funds to my Subtra wallet?

You can transfer funds from your company’s corporate bank account via a FAST or MEPS transfer using the provided account details. Just log in to your account and transfer the funds via iBanking.

4. How many wallets can I have?

We provide one wallet per currency with options to add a United States Dollar wallet and a Singaporean Dollar wallet.

5. Do I have to add funds to my USD and SGD wallets separately?

Yes, since the USD wallet and SGD wallet are separate from each other, you have to add funds to them separately.

6. Are there any transfer limits?

There are no limits on transfers in or out of your Subtra wallet once your Subtra account is verified. Note that some banks might have a limit per transaction.

7. How long does it take to transfer funds to my Subtra wallet?

Once you top up, you should see the amount in your Subtra wallet in approximately 1-3 business days.

8. Is there a limit to the total amount of money that I can transfer to my wallet?

No, there is no limit to the amount of money that you can add to your Subtra wallet.

9. Where is my money held and is it safe?

The funds transferred to your Subtra wallet are securely held by our financial services provider MatchMovePay Pte. Ltd. with PCI DSS compliance

10. What type of card is the Subtra card?

Your Subtra card is a virtual Mastercard Debit card. We provide debit cards for universal merchant acceptance and security.

11. What is a virtual card?

A virtual card is debit card that is issued (or usable) instantly without the requirement to have a physical plastic or metal card. The card numbers on your virtual card is used to purchase goods or services just like any other regular debit card.

12. How much does it cost to issue a virtual card?

The cost of card issuance is included in our offering. For more details please visit www.subtra.com/pricing

13. How much time does it take to issue a virtual card?

Our virtual cards are issued instantly when you add a new subscription on the platform.

14. How do I activate my virtual card?

Your virtual card is automatically activated when it is issued.

15. Which billing name and address should I use when making a payment?

You should use your registered company name and address when making payments with your Subtra virtual card.

16. What happens when I delete / cancel a subscription on Subtra?

Deleted subscriptions are no longer active and the virtual card issued for that subscription will no longer exist and payments can no longer be made. Note that deleting a subscription and the virtual card associated with it, does not exempt you from the obligations/liabilities that you might have entered with the subscription provider during signup. Subtra is not liable in any way towards said obligations with the subscription provider.

17. Will my virtual card work with other currencies?

Your Subtra virtual card payments are valid for all payment gateways that accept Mastercard.

18. I just bought a subscription and noticed a small charge on my virtual card which is additional from what I expected to pay?

Some merchants charge a small additional amount to validate a card before the actual payment is processed. This validation charge is subsequently reversed within a few hours.

19. Can I load my Subtra card on apple pay, google pay, samsung pay, etc?

This functionality is currently being worked on and will be made available soon.

20. Can I get a physical Subtra card?

In our effort to support sustainability, we only issue virtual cards to reduce the waste generated by physical plastic cards.

21. What is the Subscription cost?

The subscription cost is the amount you are required to pay for your subscription, stated by the subscription provider. You are required to enter this amount when adding a new subscription on Subtra. You can also add flexible limits by setting a maximum amount or percentage limits that you want to allow a merchant to debit (This is useful for services that charge as per usage, example AWS or Google Ads). You can set the frequency of payments as monthly or yearly. In case the merchant charges your card over your maximum limit, the transaction will be declined and you will receive a notification email. You can edit these settings any time, even after using the card, to adjust the limit and the frequency.

22. Can I edit my subscription details?

Yes, all Admins can edit the subscription details at any time.

23. How can I invite my team members?

Only Admins can invite other team members. Log in to your Subtra account, select People from navigation and click on the Add new user button. Once you are on the ‘Add new team members’ screen, just add the valid company email address and select the access level to send an invite. You can send multiple invitations at a time.

24. What happens if there is not enough money in my Subtra wallets?

If there is not enough money in your Subtra wallets, your upcoming/scheduled payments may be declined.

25. When should I add more funds to my wallet?

When the upcoming payments are higher than the total amount in your wallets, you should transfer money in the relevant wallet to avoid any declined payments. You will receive an email notifying you to add funds to your wallet as soon as the total payable amount exceeds the total amount of funds in your wallets.