Managing your team’s saas stack with Subtra

Build happier teams with Subtra

With enterprise SaaS usage continually rising, seamlessly purchasing and managing your subscriptions is no easy task for your teams. This is especially true in the absence of a subscription management platform. Difficulties in tracking multiple credit cards, the number of subscriptions and relative users lead to complexities that are bound to bring your teams’ morale down.

Every organization must strive to make SaaS management easy, because happier people lead to more productive teams.

Your teams need to work with the best and latest tools

Old fashioned procurement processes do not work for SaaS acquisition and management. Imagine all the different people and department heads who have to individually identify, approve, acquire, and track every subscription being used. Following this process for every new SaaS product with due diligence processes and risk assessment could take months. The connection between each subscription and its user leads to a complex network, depending on the company size. Manually managing this network is time-consuming and using outdated tools makes things difficult. The whole idea of SaaS is quick and easy deployment for instant access and swift action. Waiting for the right subscriptions will only slow your team down. When you’re a startup, speed is critical, and moving fast requires you to remove your team’s friction.

Without a subscription management platform, team members tend to avoid requesting new apps and tools, which in turn affects their productivity and morale. Subtra’s instant virtual card issuance and subscription management tools make SaaS procurement and deployment swift and straightforward, so that your team members never have to wait for the apps and tools they need. 

Your team members hate reimbursements as much as you do

Paying for subscriptions, saving bills and then waiting for reimbursements is unfair and archaic. Why make your team members pay for SaaS using their personal credit cards? No employee likes to have their credit limits and account balances being used for work-related purchases. Moreover, if companies fail to reimburse their employees on time, it may cause unnecessary stress.

Why deal with multiple parties using multiple cards for various subscriptions when you can centrally manage this on Subtra. Our platform empowers your team by giving them instant access to the tools they need without using any personal credit cards. Subtra also allows companies to instantly assign subscriptions to team members, request and approve new subscriptions and integrate with popular accounting tools (Xero, Quickbooks, etc.) for easy reconciliation.

No one likes waiting for a corporate credit card

Startups find it extremely difficult to get a corporate credit card from their local bank. In fact, most startups in Singapore use their personal credit cards for their subscription purchases. This eventually leads to employees chasing their founders and CFOs; every time someone needs to purchase or renew a subscription. Some startups solve the problem of reimbursements by putting all their company expenses, including subscription spends, on the founders’ card. Founders are busy people and this process requires finding them, explaining the requirements, getting their card, paying and then manually tracking monthly payments.

Subtra, on the other hand, allows companies to fund their own USD and SGD virtual wallets directly from their bank accounts. Admins on Subtra can then instantly issue prepaid virtual cards to pay for specific subscriptions. Plus, our multi-currency wallets allow companies to purchase subscriptions without paying any additional FX charges.

Prevent isolation in remote teams

Modern startups have team members scattered in different offices, regions and even countries. Collaboration among remote team members is now a norm, but inclusivity plays a big part for everyone to be successful. Sharing a physical card is only possible if you are in the same office. For a truly centralized solution, companies have to manage all employee subscriptions, regardless of location.

Subtra’s centralized subscription and team management does just that. Invite your team members and collaborate with them to sync and track your entire SaaS stack in real-time. Team members can request, approve, purchase and even cancel their subscriptions with ease.

Make it easy for new employees

Starting a new job comes with its own set of challenges. Hiring good people is costly and making sure that your team members stick around is more important than ever. Especially for startups, where ramping quick and scaling fast is critical. This means new team members have to be comfortable and well equipped as soon as possible. Inducting new blood to your company’s existing SaaS tools is an integral part of the onboarding process.

Subtra can help you manage all this and much more with relative ease. Save more than 30% on your subscription spend, prevent SaaS wastage and streamline your subscription management with the best subscription management platform out there!

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