Virtual Cards - the future of B2B spending

Virtual Cards – The future of B2B spending

Growth in the B2B payments sector is primarily driven by technological innovations, consumer behaviour changes, new market entrants, and market ...
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Subtra blog image The SaaS black hole

The SaaS black hole & how to beat it

The software landscape was forever changed in 1999 when Salesforce arguably became the first company to realise the full potential ...
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Managing your team’s saas stack with Subtra

Build happier teams with Subtra

With enterprise SaaS usage continually rising, seamlessly purchasing and managing your subscriptions is no easy task for your teams. This ...
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Evaluate your SaaS stack

Are you evaluating a SaaS Product? Read this first.

Compared to 2018, the average overall spend per company on SaaS products & apps has increased by 50%. The total ...
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Financial Services and Payment Processing

Financial Tech: Payments & Beyond

Most financial services add a lot of value for their customers; however, retention comes from their software's differentiating factor and ...
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Top Accounting Software in 2020

The Top accounting software in 2020

Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses It is of utmost importance for organizations and businesses to track their income and ...
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Fastest Growing Workplace Apps

The fastest growing workplace apps in 2020

2020’s fastest-growing workplace applications prove that apps usually grow in category waves. A couple of years ago, collaboration tools such ...
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SaaS Management Facts and Myths

SaaS myths debunked

All good things come with a set of myths and water cooler gossip. While some are hot topics for debate, ...
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SaaS Management Software

What is SaaS?

The 'as a service' model has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. Great strides have been ...
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