About us

We’ve met a lot of startups, and regardless of the company type or size, we know that they all subscribe to services or platforms (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS). Whether it’s for email, project management, video conferencing, cloud infrastructure, design, accounting, sales, etc. companies are paying to access these tools on a monthly or yearly basis.

Unfortunately, getting a corporate card to pay for these subscriptions is an impossible task. So, most companies end up using their personal credit cards, leading to a whole plethora of problems. From filing expense claims with finance to having no control over subscription spends, the entire process is inefficient and ridiculously time consuming.

How many subscriptions are you using? How many cards are being used? Whose card is this anyway?

These are the questions we wanted to answer. Most businesses are paying for unwanted, duplicate and even forgotten subscriptions with no control over what is being purchased. So we took it upon ourselves to solve these problems. This is what led to the creation of Subtra – an intuitive subscription management platform for enterprises.

Our mission is to create tangible value for both enterprise subscription providers and subscribers in an effort to transform the enterprise subscription industry.

We combine deep technological expertise with our understanding of business financials to constantly update and evolve our services. We function in close partnership with dependable names and are supported by companies such as Mastercard, MatchMove, etc.

We are up and about subscriptions